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5 Things You Are Doing Wrong With eCommerce Web Design

Choosing the wrong colors for your site

Picking the right color palette for your site be it eCommerce or otherwise is paramount. There is extensive research and data available to showcase how color is a powerful enabler for getting an online buyer to make a purchasing decision. You can find exhaustive content about why, what and how to pick the right colors.

If you want inspiration from websites that you fall in love with and want to understand and explore the color themes they picked use a tool called color combos. . It’s a nifty tool that does all the heavy lifting for you. And while you are at it review Kinsta for an outstanding piece of content on various factors for choosing the right colors with examples of sites covering various industry verticals.

Building a clunky UI

Imagine how you would feel walking into stores that are disorganized, haphazard, cluttered, and last but not least have unmarked aisles. Now imagine if you will that the same customer landed virtually on your eCommerce store front.

If your UI is clunky, unintuitive, hard to navigate, no clear CTA, a complex checkout process you are bound to lose those customers. It becomes increasingly imperative to keep these factors in mind and come up with inspirational designs and use industry best practices for a clean, intuitive UI which will contribute to improving the UX of your site for your visitors which means more conversions and additional revenue. You can't argue against that can you?

Not drawing inspiration from well known Brands

Brands are powerful, Brands drive millions of dollars in revenue, Brands can and will charge you more, Brands differentiate themselves from their competitors. Enough said. Start building your Brand. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done. But think of this for a moment.... who would you want to do business with? A known brand or an unknown operator?

Brands also don’t mean you need millions of dollars in marketing or run super bowl ads. Brand could be a very personal nuance that you and only you have. The brand differentiator can be in your product, service, checkout process, annual maintenance, customer service or a myriad of things that differentiate you from your competitors. Use that subtle nuance to your advantage, make that you're USP, and every opportunity you get try to highlight that as your core differentiating factor.

As you start becoming proactive your brand starts getting established and your customers and followers will start recognizing and hopefully consuming and recommending your eCommerce product or service.

Using low quality Images

As Digital Marketing practitioners we come across numerous prospects that haven’t thought of investing in high quality, or high definition images. It’s more of an afterthought for most of them. We usually wear our consulting hats to articulate why high quality images of products they are wanting to sell on their ecommerce storefronts is important. We get most of these prospects to see our point of view rather quickly. What wins the discussion is asking them to put themselves in the buyer's shoes and go visit an ecommerce store that has low quality images with poor resolution and unprofessional design aesthetics. Odds are you are never going to buy a product with an inferior DNA.

Please remember you are trying to convince someone to make a purchasing decision from you without touching or seeing your product. Also, let’s not forget you are asking them to give you their credit card information to make a purchase. Let that sink in. Ok. Now that it has....please for the sake of better user experience, brand building, customer attraction, customer retention and a whole bunch of other revenue drivers please don’t neglect this part of your eCommerce store front.

Not having a Blog

What? Why? Are you sure I need a blog? Sorry to break it to you. You do need a blog. There are numerous benefits for creating your blog and the very first reason you want to have a blog is because it’s free. That’s right, most eCommerce platforms like WiX come with an integrated blog infrastructure that can be used for creating stunning content pieces. It may sound like a chore at the beginning but the benefits of having a blog will pay over time. Some of the most compelling reasons that blogs help you are SEO, Brand building, Outreach to your subscribers and audience at large, Product promotion and announcements, Community building etc.


You don't have to be a design genius to come up with good design esthetics. Put yourself in your buyers shoes and you will quickly get a grasp of what's missing design wise and go make those changes.

If you do have the luxury of working with web design firms ask them how many wireframes/design iterations/mockups they can generate and for what price? Having a well designed wireframe to start your design journey is immensely helpful and will save you considerable money once you hire a firm to build your dream eCommerce storefront.

We captured only 5 aspects of what's wrong with Web Design for your eCommerce store but have many other aspects we capture and catalogue through our research.

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