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Do You Need a New Website?

Most micro small businesses that have an online presence need to rethink their strategy and evaluate what's working and how to improve the overall objectives of having an online presence.

The days of having an online presence just for the sake of having one are long gone. Many small businesses have come to realize that their websites need to be an integral part of their overall marketing mix and cater to their audiences in the best way possible.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it's to take our online presence much more seriously.

At Shuvel Digital Marketing our lead funnel constantly has prospects reaching out for web redesign initiatives. In fact we are seeing an uptick in leads as high as 20-30% requesting to upgrade or redesign their websites.

What we have seen with prospects that are seeking to enhance their websites are the following:

  1. I want to change the look and feel of my site

  2. My site seems outdated and I want a professional to help me fix it

  3. My site doesn't convey well on mobile devices

  4. My site lacks the ability to accept payments

  5. My site doesn't have an option to offer subscriptions

  6. My site needs a custom input form with a series of yes/no questions

  7. My site needs a blog page

  8. My site requires a robust eCommerce functionality

  9. My site needs to have ability to sell and ship products

  10. My site needs to interact with a third party API and help with queries of my customers

  11. My site needs a custom Content Management System (CMS)

  12. And many more...

After interacting with a whole bunch of prospects in different industry verticals it got us thinking.

What if there was a flowchart of sorts that can help clients visualize the various steps needed to come up with a yes/no perspective. Well we got one for you! Our team went scouring the internet and thanks to bigducknyc we were able to secure a timeless flowchart that will help with your decision to rethink your current website.

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