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eCommerce Funding Available

Shuvel Digital is incredibly excited to parter with the world leader in eCommerce funding. Clearco (formally Clearbanc) has funded over 4500 eCommerce shops to the tune of ~$2Billion.

The investment thesis of Clearco is to help savvy, smart, hardworking entrepreneurs that are growing their eCommerce business to the next level by supplying growth capital in the tune of $10,000-$10 Million.

The best part about working with Clearco is that you don't have to dilute your equity. Unlike traditional VC's Clearco doesn't want to cut into your equity. They believe founders equity is theirs to keep and showcase a different path to sustain your growth.

If you are an eCommerce player that's been growing and have at least a $1500 MRR please contact us for a confidential consultation .

Shuvel Digital helps eCommerce companies across their digital marketing spectrum. We design, develop, deploy, and help with promotion (Organic and Paid) and now with growth capital!

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