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How To Add A Blog To Your WiX Site

Most small businesses with an online presence aren't taking full advantage of a blog. It may seem daunting at first to think about building and updating a blog. We understand it's a task in itself and most of you don't have enough time in the day to design, curate, build and deploy an active blog for your audience.

Fortunately for all of us WiX has a solution. They provide a highly intuitive and user friendly blogging platform. We will showcase how to add a Blog to your WiX site via the SHUVEL blog here! Wait we are blogging!!

The blogging infrastructure that WiX built will help you to accomplish a series of tasks that can typically help you in brand building and staying in front of your customers.

By using the WiX blog you can accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Add Images

  2. Add a photo gallery

  3. Add a video

  4. Add HTML code

  5. Add dividers

  6. Add GIFs

  7. Add Files

Additionally the WiX blogging infrastructure will allow you to optimize your blog for SEO. This becomes supremely important as this is one of the key drivers for the success of your blog. WiX does all the heavy lifting for you by auto populating the following:

  1. URL slug

  2. SEO Title

  3. SEO description

WiX blogging infrastructure will also allow you to:

  1. Add categories

  2. Add tags

  3. Add paywalls

  4. Add translation to your blog into multiple languages to reach a global audience

You might be still wondering as to how does all this help your eCommerce store sell more products and bring in additional revenue? Well we are glad you asked.

9 ways Blogs can help with your eCommerce store:

  1. Help you in establishing a brand

  2. Help you in promoting your products

  3. Help you with seasonal promotions

  4. Help you in building a dedicated following

  5. Understand your audience interests more intimately

  6. Help you in attracting an retaining customers with high buyer intent

  7. Help you in automagically cross promote your content to social media sites

  8. Help you in strategic marketing efforts

  9. Help you save money over the long run and reduce dependency of paid advertising channels

Without further ado please find our detailed step-by-step video for additional clarity. We have broken the video into three segments and added text transcripts under each of the video for you to follow and implement.

We hope you will like this post and be encouraged to start your own blogging journey. As always SHUVEL DIGITAL MARKETING will be super delighted to help you implement the blog for you if you are running short on time!

How To Add Wix Blog To Wix Site

  • From your site

  • Click App Market

  • Go to Wix Booking Solutions

  • Select “Wix Blog” by clicking View App

  • Click Add to Site and Add and follow the step

  • Store pages will be added to the site Blog Page, Post Page.

Blog Page:

  • All Blog Posts and category based posts are displayed in this Page.

  • On clicking Bl, Tog Post, two options will be displayed Manage Posts and Settings

  • Selecting Settings, you can change the post layout, change the design, select the labels to be displayed in the page.

  • Selecting Manage Posts, it is redirected to Dashboard where you can see the posts which are published, drafted, scheduled and deleted.

  • Categories

  • Can Add categories for the blog Post, click on Category tab, then New Category.

  • Fill in required details of Category label, url, title, description and then save.

  • Published

  • Select More Actions, from here you can add authors, can do SEO settings, blog settings, import Wordpress posts and etc.

  • Click on Create New Post, add the post title, description, select the text font, colors etc. From the side menu,

  • Click on Add, you can images, video, gallery, html code, gif, upload file to the post.

  • Click on Settings, add cover image of post, published date, author name.

  • Click on SEO, change page SEO settings, social share settings, etc

  • Click on Categories, can add a category for the post.

  • Click on Tags, can add multiple tags for the post.

  • Click on Sell Subscriptions, can add subscription plans.

  • Click on Translate, you can change the language of Post.

  • Click on Publish, or you can save as Draft or schedule Post by selecting the date and time.

  • Drafts:

  • Posts which are saved as drafts are displayed here.

  • Scheduled:

  • Posts which are scheduled with date and time are displayed here.

  • Trash:

  • Posts which are deleted are displayed here until you delete them.

Post Page:

This is the individual Blog Post Page where all the post details will be displayed, and/or audience can also like the post, see the comments of the post.

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