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What's a Landing Page?

Landing pages should be an integral part of your Digital Marketing Strategy. Think of Landing Pages as a foundation to your PPC campaign. Driving traffic to your site and not having an actionable strategy in terms of traffic monetization is a non- starter.

Many small to micro businesses are led to believe that they can invest small sums of money in their paid ad campaigns (PPC etc) but truth be told most of them suffer from an inability to convert that traffic as they land on their site.

How do Landing Pages help with your buyer Journey?

We can think of the following use cases that would justify investing in landing pages

  1. Selling Products

  2. Marketing Giveaways

  3. Increase email subscriptions

  4. Promote Webinars

  5. Sell ebooks

  6. Upsell existing users

  7. Create top line funnels

  8. Increase brand building

  9. Reduce traffic churn

  10. Increase traffic monetization

There are many industry leading tools to build and host landing pages and many of them are not prohibitively expensive.

Here's a list of some of the leading landing page builders for various budgets and use cases.





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