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Small Business Growth Strategies

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the small and micro business growth strategies podcast!

Who am I:

My name is AK. I cut my teeth in the corporate sector for a decade before I ventured on my own. I started a head hunting agency in 2007 and merged with a professional services company in 2009 called Param solutions.

My partner and I run Param solutions out of Loudoun county in beautiful Ashburn, VA.

Full disclosure. I am as average as they come. I was fortunate enough to recruit a passionate team that helped us grow to be one of INC s fastest growing companies and gave us a birth on one of Entrepreneur magazines 360 index.

Why am I doing this podcast:

This podcast will essentially deal with the lessons I have learned as an entrepreneur. I also started advising my 20 year old son on a digital marketing venture called Shuvel Digital Marketing during the pandemic, became one of his early customers/investors and quickly fell in love with the space.

As I have been spending additional time pondering about digital marketing, listening to practitioners, chatting with prospects I have come to realize the power of digital marketing and everything it encompasses.

As we are continuing our journey and helping our customers refine, redesign, visualize, and optimize we are learning alongside everyday.

This podcast will be a true reflection of our lessons, trials and tribulations and actionable insights that you can take to deliver incremental progress whether you are solo preneur, side hustler, micro business,and a small business.

I hope this will help each and every one of you, wherever you are and whoever you are reach the next level within. So from online marketing, SEO, PPC, web design and a multitude of things within the digital marketing spectrum we will delve deep. My goal is to help fellow entrepreneurs build and realize their dreams

Why should you listen to my podcast:

I am a nobody but I want to be somebody and help everybody. But to be straight and not waste your time you will want to listen to this podcast if you are a solo/micro/small business entrepreneur in the online world.

Secondly if you are looking to get started with how ro start an online business, online business ideas, side hustle, get a passive income going, or dreaming to leave your full time job you will want to tune in.

I will try to use the format of this podcast to help my audience with actionable, practical information that can help you succeed whether you already have an online business, looking to start one, or just browsing for inspirational content .

My plan is to build this podcast through the various phases that any wantrepreneur or entrepreneur would go through. I am also planning on inviting guests that are either clients of Param or Shuvel Marketing towards the end of the year.

Thx for listening. Until next time keep hustling my friends!

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