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The Fastest Growing Coffee Shop in the United States

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Project Overview

Raining Berries has rapidly ascended to prominence as one of the fastest-growing coffee shop chains in the United States. With a unique emphasis on native and fresh coffee offerings, the company has captured the hearts of coffee aficionados and casual consumers alike, opening over 10 stores and counting in the South Eastern United States.

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The Challenge and The Solution

The Problem:

Our client wanted a website that stood out from the competition from the moment someone landed onto the home page. They also needed a fully functional backend to add and delete employees/franchisees as well as a training portal for new hires. This was to all be in a responsive, easy to use design.

The Solution:

A beautiful website with an emphasis on Raining Berries unique brand identity and featuring the various different aspects of Raining Berries that set them apart from all other coffee shops. All of this in an easy to use, visually stunning website with full responsiveness and backend functionality.




Washington D.C. and Los Angeles

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