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SEO Setup Checklist
The Wix SEO Setup Checklist is a personalized checklist that helps you get your site found in search engine results. The checklist guides you through setting up basic search engine optimization (SEO) for your site’s pages and connects and verifies your site with Google.
SEO Settings
Wix's SEO Settings allow you to set up SEO settings for multiple pages at once with a single template. This is an easy way to get a large site search engine optimized. You can also fine-tune SEO settings of individual pages after customizing an SEO Setting for multiple pages.
Site Inspection
Site Inspection gives you information about your site's pages based on the latest version that Google has crawled and indexed for search results. It also lets you see how Google interprets the content on your page and what issues might affect how your page ranks.
URL Redirect Manager
A URL redirect is a way to permanently or temporarily redirect one page URL to another page URL. In practice, the URL redirect tells browsers the new location for the page. When users try to go to the previous URL, they will be automatically taken to the redirect URL.
Site Verification
Site verification is where you confirm your ownership of your site with search engines. Verifying your site with search engines also gives you access to search engine webmaster tools to manage your site’s search presence. To verify ownership, most search engines require you to add meta tags using custom code on your site.
Sitemaps can help search engines prioritize pages of large sites, find pages that haven't been linked to, and crawl and index sites in greater detail. Without a sitemap, it can take search engines time to find your site's pages from its source code. A sitemap gives this information directly to search engines to increase indexing time and accuracy.
Robots.txt Editor
File that tells search engine bots not to access certain areas of your site. These areas of your site won't be indexed and won't show in search engine results. This is to prevent search engines like Google from crawling certain links on your site that don't need to be crawled. This does not impact your site's search engine ranking.
Our Pricing Plans
SEO Services
Keyword research and analysis (upto 5 keywords)
On-page optimization for up to 3 pages
Monthly SEO performance report
Website speed optimization
Basic Plan
Everything in the basic plan
On-page optimization for up to 8 pages
Content optimization and creation (1 blog post or article per month)
Social media account setup and optimization
Google My Business setup and optimization
Advance Plan
Everything in the Advance Plan
On-page optimization for up to 15 pages
Backlink analysis and link building strategy
Advanced competitor research and analysis
Monthly website analytics and SEO performance report
Advanced website speed optimization
Technical SEO audit and recommendations
Premium Plan
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