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The Healthcare Platform for Providers and Patients

Dashboard Integration
Full Stack Backend
UI/UX Development
UI/UX Design

Project Overview

The Providers Network is a dynamic healthcare platform that has quickly emerged as a leading player in the healthcare technology sector. Their innovative platform serves as a bridge between healthcare providers and patients, offering a range of services that simplify the healthcare experience for both parties.

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The Challenge and The Solution

The Problem:

Our client wanted a platform that would ensure that healthcare providers and healthcare patients had everything they needed to connect, set up an appointment, and pay directly through the platform without a third party. They also wanted two API's created for invoices and bookings that other parties could consume.

The Solution:

A full stack application with a stunning front end and intelligent back end, two brand new API's available for public consumption, Stripe integration on the backend, and three fully functional dashboards. All of this in a sleek, responsive website.




Washington D.C. and Los Angeles

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